Read the Revintage Curriculum Description!

 By Quiosq

The Revintage project presents the final version of the Revintage curriculum description. Experts from the VET sector and content experts commented on the earlier version. Their comments have been incorporated into this version. In a limited number of cases, this shows different views. These are both listed for clarity.

The question in this inventory was: what could be the role of VET and heritage institutions and professionals in preserving post-war interiors? In order to answer this question, we made a description of a curriculum at EQF level 3/4. This description contains all the qualifications necessary to be able to handle the identified problems and challenges in practice. More precisely: with these qualifications, graduates can actually make a contribution to the preservation of post-war interiors.

We have organized expert meetings in The Netherlands, Portugal, and Malta that were open to the various stakeholders. Its intention was to compare existing practices in the treatment of postwar interiors, as well as create space for new practices and collaborations. A resulting inventory of knowledge, know-how, and collections that are related to the mentioned interiors in the format of an EQF description will be disclosed on the project website. We have shared the framework in the form of a part-curriculum description with stakeholders and asked their opinion about practical implementation. This inquiry focuses on the primary target group (VET representatives). The EQF description was made in consultation with this target group. The basic principle was that the target group knows best what students in the VET sector can handle and at which final level the knowledge, skills, and competencies should be.

Download and read the Curriculum Description (Report 7) – PDF File

Cover Photo by Small Group Network on Unsplash